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Anytime the painted floor surfaces of your factory or premises become worn, you might want to employ an industrial painting contractor in Coventry We offer a turn-key service for your industrial floor preparation and floor painting– leaving you with the perfect paint finish and no trouble on your part. So for a reliable service that you can rely on, call on us if you want industrial floor painting in Coventry.

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As your local painting business we will cater to all your painting and decorating services requirements. We will do what you need from your residential and commercial painting contractor. You can rely on us to paint your walls, ceilings, doors and windows to the highest quality. 

If you are wanting to paint a factory floor, a garage floor or a shop well then you can call on us. We are your local painting contractor and we offer you with the specialised industrial painting services that you want for those floor painting jobs. Frequently there is a need for concrete floor repairs– consisting of crack and loose concrete repairs. We will take care of this for you. We will also look after all the required preparations which can include diamond grinding of concrete floors. Our fields of expertise remains in the specialist installation of resin floors and other epoxy resin floor coating.

As far as finished floor coatings go, epoxy resin flooring has certainly become incredibly popular in the past couple of years. Epoxy resin uses a large number of practical strengths over a polished concrete surface – in addition to giving a great looking surface.

If your firm is involved in food processing, well then our company can certainly provide you with an very easy clean safe flooring in the form of an epoxy coating. We can certainly in addition include an anti slip grit to the resin coating that provides a high level of slip resistance and yet is actually very easy to preserve and keep clean.

Oil spills in garages can certainly damage conventional oil based painted floors. Our epoxy resin for industrial floor coatings has certainly been created to be chemically resistant. They in addition provide an included antislip resistance over paint and are very well fit for garage flooring and showrooms. Of course our company still have specific clients who choose to stick to the more conventional garage floor paint because of a lower cost. But if you think about the greater wear resistance of epoxy resin and polyurethane resin floor coatings and the longer working life – they quickly offset any extra cost. If your requirement is for finishes ideal for anti static floors they our company can certainly satisfy your needs. We have painted floors where delicate instrumentation was to be dealt with and an anti static floor coating was needed.

We just recently used epoxy resin flooring to a number of decks of a multi story car-park. We in the past carried out the contract for the entire floor preparation too. Whether you require a painting contractor to lay a fancy epoxy resin or a sturdy floor screed our company will help. For our company will supervise all of the work that is required, starting with the preliminary industrial floor preparation, right through to the application of the last coating system or decorative finish coats – our company will handle it all. For car-parks our company will apply the line marking for pedestrian walkways and any automobile parking bas as required. We can in addition add an anti slip finishing for the pathways to provide significantly greater slip resistance in slippery conditions.

Our clients might desire us to apply a specific colour or a logo to the decorative floor coating. This is made possible by incorporating the wanted coloured dye to the epoxy coating throughout application.

When it comes to pedestrian pathways slip resistant top layers are important. However, we will also make use of resin finishes that are certainly chemically resistant too – so that they will not be destroyed by commercial maintenance chemicals.

There is a present fashion to keep steelwork and ducting exposed and visible in modern industrial buildings. We can provide you with onsite spraying for these projects. We likewise offer intumescent painting for the fire shielding of structural steelwork.

Whenever you are searching for a painting contractor who can offer industrial floor painting in Coventry then get in touch with us first. We offer this service because we want to be the most reliable property and industrial fit out decorators in the region. Give us a call and get a free quote for all your painting work. If you have an interest in discovering more about getting an epoxy floor installed then go ahead and give us a call. The epoxy paint resins are readily available in a series of colours you can select from. Give us a call and we will more than happy to send you a colour chart and details about the epoxy flooring choices. We likewise offer a free site survey if you think your needs are a little more complicated or if you have extremely specific requirements.

If you require help or recommendations on epoxy coating for a factory floor, a garage floor or even a floor surface in your house please get in touch with us. We are your local epoxy coating professionals in Coventry.

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